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Supernatural Thriller

In 1843, Chief Ahote set forth in search of a deadly weapon. Instead, he discovered an instrument of peace…

One-hundred and fifty years later, Grant McDermott, while heading home for his father’s funeral, accidentally carves his way into Ahote’s legacy by way of a dull switchblade and a sacred oak tree.

Haunted by his failures as a son, an actor, and a boyfriend, Grant must overcome a much more bone-chilling problem: a tribe of violent creatures stalking him throughout the desert.

Accompanied by his ex-flame and a group of survivors who only make things more complicated, Grant finds gut-punching surprises await him at every turn.

Can Grant find a way to fix Ahote’s mistakes? Or is he destined to disappear into the Arizona desert like the countless others before him?

Told in flashbacks between 1843 and 1993, this time-hopping tale is every bit as heartfelt and fun as it is frightening and thrilling.