Jake Troxell

Author of Takers & Stay

Tag: science fiction


Reading Time: 15 minutes Mister Malcolm took no notice as the first knock slammed on the front door, the pounding cacophony of his racing heartbeat left the middle-aged man deaf to the sound of anything other than his own struggle. With a splintering grip, the man steadied himself against the sturdy wooden banister and inspected the nine steps that

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SHORT STORY: Fourth Time

Reading Time: 10 minutes Katrina pressed the tip of the gun firmly against her temple. She’d never lifted a firearm before that morning and was surprised how light the steel canon felt in her steady hand. For so many years, it just sat collecting dust in the family safe next to their passports, Repeater documents, and a stack of

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SHORT STORY: Luminesce

Reading Time: 7 minutes No one remembered it snowing that night, and yet everything in Emeryville had disappeared beneath a veil of bright white powder. September was too early for weather like this. Pennsylvanians could usually witness a flurry or two leading up to Halloween, but fourteen inches of accumulation before Christmas? It was a strange occurrence, made stranger

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SHORT STORY: It Rains More Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes “It rains more now,” my wife repeats, a bit out of habit at this point. Her pinky finger slips inside the tiny grey cloud floating past her head. The delicate touch releases a sprinkle into the puddle drowning her rubber boots. I look at the hundreds of little puffs moseying around our lawn—lake might be

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Reading Time: 2 minutes One day it will find its way into written form and the whole cheesy Canadian space opera will finally come to life. It focuses on a professional hockey player who is secretly a superhero and becomes paralyzed after saving the Earth from a meteoric moon accidentally knocked out of orbit by alien revolutionaries.

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