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From the mysterious ponds of Quebec comes...LEROUX!

I never finished drawing this comic. I will never finish drawing this comic. The story is too spectacular for my shaky right hand. One day it will find its way into written form and the whole cheesy Canadian space opera will finally come to life. It focuses on a professional hockey player who is secretly a superhero and becomes paralyzed after saving the Earth from a meteoric moon accidentally knocked out of orbit by alien revolutionaries. He is then put through torment from a terroristic public who doesn't believe he is really disabled.

Maybe that will be the next big project. Who knows? I certainly don't. In the meantime, here are my favorite pages from Leroux. All done with ink and brush on bristol board. And some digital coloring for the cover.

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Jake Troxell grew up in Warrington, Pennsylvania on an unbalanced diet of horror movies and amateur theology. He has had a lifelong passion for creating heartfelt stories through words and art. He is the author of Takers and Stay.