Jake Troxell

Author of Takers & Stay


Reading Time: 15 minutes An attempt to save a stranger’s life grows complicated in this science fiction story.

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SHORT STORY: Finding Marion Storti

Reading Time: 2 minutes No one really knows where they’re going in a cemetery, and if they do, they’ve been there too often.

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SHORT STORY: Fourth Time

Reading Time: 11 minutes A woman contemplates her mortality in this sci-fi love story.

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SHORT STORY: It Rains More Now

Reading Time: 4 minutes A couple dealing with the unrelenting moisture clouds that are infiltrating their new property. 

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DESIGN: Third-Party Logistics

Reading Time: 1 minute Transforming a B2B SaaS article I wrote into a downloadable infographic summarizing the benefits of a using a 3PL for your operations.

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SHORT STORY: Harrison at 73

Reading Time: 4 minutes The paper covered walls of Margaret’s studio rustle with excitement as she enters. The artworks crinkle amongst themselves, dancing on their push-pin pendulums, wondering aloud if today is the day another Harrison will be joining their ranks.

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EXCERPT: Takers – Chapter 3

Reading Time: 5 minutes A brief romantic excerpt from my first novel Takers.

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SHORT STORY: Boobs & Mars InSight

Reading Time: 3 minutes My thumbs jab at my brows and do their best to mitigate the migraine. It was there when I woke up and it will be there when I go to bed. That much I know about my body.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes One day it will find its way into written form and the whole cheesy Canadian space opera will finally come to life. It focuses on a professional hockey player who is secretly a superhero and becomes paralyzed after saving the Earth from a meteoric moon accidentally knocked out of orbit by alien revolutionaries.

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Short Story: Candy Cane

Reading Time: 5 minutes A Philadelphia detective spends Christmas Eve trying to solve a string of holiday-related “suicides” in this cheery Christmas crime noir.

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